Emily’s Story

HORIZONTAL LOGO.pngMy blog, The Corner Office, has been a big part of my life over the last five years. I originally started writing as a form of self-care, giving me a creative outlet to get the words in my head out, somewhere, anywhere, really. Shortly after Justin completed his original chemotherapy treatment plan in 2012, I started a blog called “Still Standing” – later that blog morphed into “The Corner Office”. I have refined my content over the years, and most recently started focusing on creating an online community to encourage others to live as the best version of themselves, whatever that may be.

Part of the reflective process that lead me to reformatting The Corner Office, was the response I received from sharing my story as Justin’s caregiver as he has gone through his latest treatment process. These posts were shared in a series called “The New Normal”, it started with a post written early in 2016 where I shared my experience with getting the phone call, while in the hallway at work, that Justin’s lymphoma was back and treatment plans had to be discussed. We had officially entered “The New Normal”.

While I am the vehicle for which Justin’s story will be told on Project: Transplant, this will very much be Justin’s story. If you’d like to hear about my experiences as a caregiver, please feel free to venture over to The Corner Office and say hello!