Day -3

It’s official – Justin has been admitted to the BMT Unit!

Transplant day is considered Day Zero in the BMT world. It’s the day when everything goes back to zero and we start counting up again. After admission day and two days of chemo, we are starting Day -3: the first day of radiation treatment. We’re not entirely sure what to expect, but we are extremely confident in this team and know they will keep us moving in the right direction.

For the first time in all of his treatment protocols, Justin had a port put in for all of this IV fluids, blood draws, and medications. Instead of having to be poked and prodded on a daily basis, he simply lifts his shirt and lets them connect the tubes. I say simply, however it’s anything but simple. Justin was in a lot of pain for the first 24 hours, and had some itchiness from the adhesive. The pain was to be expected, apparently it is one of the most common complaints among patients within the first few days. I suppose being “one of the crowd” is comforting.

The first day of chemotherapy hit Justin a little more than anticipated, but with the help of a quick nurse, some IV meds, and a nap he felt better after about an hour. I, hesitantly but at Justin’s urging, decided to head home for the night to catch a good night’s sleep, cuddle our puppy, and enjoy a shower. Day two of chemotherapy seemed to go much better than day one. No nausea or weak feeling that he was hit with the day before.

The unit itself is really quite remarkable, it’s a small city cut off from the rest of the hospital. It even has it’s own supply of air being pumped in to keep infections to a minimum. As expected Justin has made friends with his nurses, he has fun with them, jokes with them, and builds incredible relationships with them. He even met a nutritionist that enjoyed a 30 minute conversation about cheese with him.

day-3Just when we get used to the day to day flow of this temporary life, the schedule changes. Today brings a new part of the treatment process – something that Justin has never experienced. Twice a day for three days he will go through a radiation treatment, leading to   the inevitable Day Zero.

As you might expect, Justin is in good spirits and taking each day as it comes. Thank you for continually supporting both of us as he takes on this fight against his lymphoma.



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17 Responses to Day -3

  1. Mare says:

    Let me know if/when I can come visit either on my lunch or after work. Justin, your so much like your Papa Guy! Make friends!

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    • Emily says:

      Mare, feel free to come up whenever is good for you. He has radiation this morning and sometime this afternoon/evening. I’ll tell him to text you when he gets back from this mornings dose.


  2. Judith Salyer says:

    Prayers for Justin from Mike’s mom, Judy. I believe he is going to come out the other side a healthy young man, cured of this horrible disease. I pray, a long life ahead for him.

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  3. Tamara Kahler says:

    I can just see him schmoozing with the nurses! 🙂 Thank you so much for blogging. Sending love to you both. XO

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  4. Adele Baden says:

    Emily, I live 3 minutes from you. If you need help with your dog…..letting out, feeding, walking, etc. I can do it!

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  5. Bia says:

    Justin has people he does not even know praying for him.

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  6. Vicki Fabian says:

    You guys are going to come out on the other side of this ordeal whole, healed, and with a new start on life with each other, so sending a prayer or two to make the journey to the other side a little easier to bear. Love you both!!

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  7. Valda Schramme says:

    Emily you and Justin are in my thoughts and prayers. We love you guys.
    Hugs and love
    Steve and Valda

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  8. Karen Williams says:

    Sending positive thoughts and many prayers for a successful Re-Birthday! My son’s recipient has just celebrated his 8th Re-Birthday after two transplants. He just posted that his hair color has even changed and is now the same as my sons. What a miracle all of this is!


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