Project: Transplant

When you think of the word transplant, typically you think of an organ, or other tangible body part. It’s hard to imagine transplanting something you are relatively unaware of. When we originally met Justin’s hematologist, he said that a bone marrow transplant would someday be down the road, it would be a last resort to get him to remission. It wasn’t until four years later that we heard that term come up again in his office. This time it was part of the proposed treatment plans, even now, almost a year later, I am still not entirely sure what it means scientifically, but the headline is: a bone marrow transplant replaces the patient’s immune system. Justin will be getting a new immune system.

As you can imagine, going through such a dramatic medical procedure can bring about a lot of attention, always well intentioned, but sometimes overwhelming. In the last year, I have been doing my best to only share my story as a caregiver, limiting the personal information about Justin and his medical journey. A long time ago, Justin and I decided together that my blog [THE CORNER OFFICE] would be used for me to share my story. Together, we continue to decide the details of what is shared there, which is not much. We understand, that for the people that make up our support system, that can be difficult.


It was with that support system in mind that we decided it was time for a second blog, one specifically designed to archive Justin’s experience as he heads into his transplant. This will be a space for you, our support system, to stay updated with Justin’s progress, and connect with us as we make our way through the next 13 months. It won’t be easy, and I can’t promise I will update as much as I’d like, but I am dedicated to using this space for you.

Feel free to look around, leave a comment, shoot us an e-mail, or share the link with anyone that you know that is interested in keeping up with this aspect of our lives. The Corner Office will continue to be my space for my story as a caregiver, but I will also be focusing content on self-care, self-improvement, health, and creating a supportive online community – my personal mission for that blog.

Stay tuned later this week for more formal updates on Justin’s progress. We just finished up an appointment with his treatment doctor and will be gearing up for a January full of appointments before his admission at the end of the month. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but we are incredibly grateful to have you along for the ride.



About Emily

My goal is to create an environment to inspire people to be the best version of themselves by connecting them to people, ideas, and resources. Just like my tiny home office space, The Corner Office is a collection of stories, creativity, inspiration, and ideas that I aim to share with anyone needing the motivation to maintain their best self.
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  1. Kim Paul says:

    Emily, Hugs to both of you as well as prayers.
    Kim Paul

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